At Three Crowns Park, our Board of Directors works to ensure the success and growth of the community. As a not-for-profit organization, the Board plays a large role in shaping our future and mission. An experienced management team leads the caring and compassionate staff members of Three Crowns Park, who work tirelessly day-to-day to bring that mission to life.

Our dedicated management team:

Phil Hemmer
Executive Director

Pam Anderson
Director of Residential Living

Mary Beth Dentzer
Health Services Administrator

Gina Eshuis
Director of Marketing

Anthony Lucas
Director of Environmental Services

Kathy Smith
Director of Human Resources

Dennis Trautvetter
Chief Financial Officer

Gerald Farinas
Director of Life Services

Lisa Dye
Director of Development

Jon Kirk
Director of Dining Services

Kathy Rose
Director of Social Work

Julie Tessner
Director of Nursing