Making a Gift

Your gift to Three Crowns Foundation can support the mission of our organization in a number of ways, and any gift, whether immediate or deferred, can have special significance when it is given in memory or in honor of someone special.

Gift Options

There are many gift options available to individual donors. Gifts may be in the form of:

A Gift of Cash

The simplest way to make a gift to Three Crowns Foundation is to write a check. All outright cash gifts can qualify as an IRS charitable deduction.

Does your organization offer a matching gift program? Matching gifts can often double or even triple a donor’s gift. Some retirees can still apply to their former employer for matching funds. To facilitate, simply contact your employer’s human resources department and Three Crowns Foundation.

A Gift of Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities or stock can be one of the most advantageous ways of giving. If your stock is one you have owned for more than one year, you may deduct the full fair market value of the stock as a charitable contribution while bypassing all capital gains taxes. Please call 224-420-3063 to facilitate a direct transfer to Three Crowns Foundation.

Making a Bequest

Charitable bequests can enable you to make a significant gift that might not be possible during your lifetime. A bequest by will or living trust allows you to support Three Crowns Foundation’s mission while reducing your taxable estate. A bequest can be outlined in your will or trust, or added to your existing will or trust. It can direct a specific amount, a certain property, or all or a percentage of what remains. A bequest can be expressed in the following language:

“I give to Three Crowns Foundation of Evanston, Illinois, a not-for-profit organization (1) the sum of $___ or (2) ___ percentage of my estate or (3) the following described property or (4) the remainder of my estate for its exempt purposes.”

Consider a Charitable Gift Annuity

If you would like to make a gift during your lifetime but rely on the income from assets, a Charitable Gift Annuity might be an option for you to consider. In return for a transfer of cash, stock or other property, Three Crowns Foundation agrees to pay you a fixed-rate annuity payment guaranteed for your lifetime. In addition to providing lifetime income, a gift annuity has the added benefits of offering significant immediate and long-term tax benefits. The payout rate is determined by your age and whether there are one or two beneficiaries. Minimum gift required.

Beneficiary Designation

One the easiest ways to make a significant gift in the future is to name Three Crowns Foundation to receive all or a portion of your insurance policy or retirement account.

Real Estate and Personal Property

Real estate, vehicles or other marketable personal items are important gifts to Three Crowns Foundation. The donor may take a tax deduction for the fair market value of the property.

When considering charitable giving you should talk with your tax, legal or financial advisor. Three Crowns Foundation does not provide legal, tax, or other professional advisory services.

Donate to a Cause

Besides making a gift, you can also Donate to one of the Three Crowns Foundation’s causes. The causes include: Cares Endowment, Generations Employee Scholarship Fund, Memorial/Tribute and Pathways to Excellence in Memory Support. Our causes support resident care, education for children of employee’s or can be made in Memory or Tribute of a loved one or friend.

Cares Endowment

The Cares Endowment provides benevolent care for residents in need, an essential part of the Foundation’s mission. For those residents who count on the endowment for financial assistance, it provides the security of home and we are grateful to you for helping to make compassion a reality at Three Crowns Park.

Generations Employee Scholarship Fund

The Generations Scholarship Fund is a resident-funded and resident-driven program, the purpose of which is to provide scholarships for employees of Three Crowns Park to assist them in their pursuit of an academic, technical or vocational education in an accredited institution. This very special initiative began in 2011, when former resident Ann Ingraham initiated the program to assist employees of Three Crowns Park in furthering their educational hopes and dreams for a better future.

Memorial / Tribute

Memorial and Tribute gifts are a meaningful way to make a contribution in the name of someone special. You may want to honor a family member, a TCP staff member or an individual who has inspired you with their exceptional support during a difficult time. Tribute gifts can also be given in recognition of birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. Naming Three Crowns Foundation as the beneficiary of memorials is a special way to commemorate your loved one, while making a difference in the lives of those we continue to serve. You can invite friends and family to join your lasting tribute.

Pathways to Excellence in Memory Support
Pathways to Excellence in Memory Support is a uniquely designed vision of care and competency to meet the needs of all Three Crowns residents concerned about and impacted by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Funds donated to this initiative are designated to support activities and on-going education of staff, residents and family members caring for loved ones with memory impairment.

For more information please contact:

Lisa Dye, Development Director
Direct line: 224-420-3063

Or send your inquiry to Lisa at:
Three Crowns Foundation

2323 McDaniel Avenue
Suite TCP
Evanston, IL 60201-2570