Health Care Services

Health Care Services at Three Crowns Park are based on a philosophy of compassionate care with more than 100 years of experience. Whether your loved ones’ changing needs turn out to be long term or temporary, they are treated and supported for like our family.
Our full continuum of care includes Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing. Each of the residences below works to empower our residents to maintain independence with the support they need in a friendly, home-like setting.

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Assisted Living – Pioneer Place

Residents receive some help but otherwise are independent in making choices about their day. Our caring staff creates a web of connections and community feeling with a flow of activities and encouragement to keep people doing what they can do, what they like to do, and what they need to do.

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Memory Care – Colfax House

Memory loss leading to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is a tough diagnosis, physically and emotionally, for everyone involved in deciding care for a loved one. We opened Colfax House in 2008 to create an environment that is safe, provides excellent nursing care, and, most importantly, gives residents autonomy to make decisions about their daily lives.

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Skilled Care – Hartrey and McDaniel Households

Residents interact socially but also have the privacy of their own room furnished with their belongings. Each household has a front door entrance, and a doorbell rings to signify visitors. Although staff is present at all times, there are no visible nursing stations. Residents’ schedules are based on individual needs and wants.

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Skilled Care – Elsa House

Elsa House is an expansion of the Health Care Center at Three Crowns Park and is the third 24-hour nursing care household on our campus. In this household, we will not only provide round-the-clock nursing care but also Memory Care for those needing additional life enrichment programming and memory support.