Life Care

What does Life Care mean at Three Crowns Park?

As a leader in providing services for older adults, Three Crowns Park offers a Life Care option at its community. Life Care is a program that allows people over the age of 62 to enjoy life to its fullest knowing a safety net of care and services is in place for them and their families. It is the only financial structure under which residential services are provided to include long-term healthcare in the form of a predictable monthly fee.

Independent Living (Type A) Life Care at Three Crowns Park provides you health and financial benefits for as long as you live on our campus. It gives you unlimited future care without the increased expense. If it becomes necessary to move to Assisted Living or Health Care on a temporary or permanent basis, you have priority access without the increased expense associated with additional care — you simply continue to pay your Independent Living monthly fee regardless of where you are living on our campus.

You also have guaranteed residency, so if you happen to outlive your assets, we commit to providing you a residence for life.

Our goal is to provide peace of mind knowing you have selected and arranged for high-quality healthcare, should you ever need it, without financial surprises.

*Prior to acceptance, applicants are qualified based on health and finances. Cost of living/operation increases to the monthly service fee may occur.

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